Windows 10 – WiFi Sense

August 11, 2015 - administrator - Windows

Windows 10 has a unique new feature named ‘Wi-Fi Sense’ which allows the sharing of your Wi-Fi password more convenient albeit the problem of network security.

This new feature is turned on by default when choosing ‘Express Settings’ as part of the Windows 10 Installation process and shares your password with your Contacts. In theory your contacts, friends and family will be able to connect to your network without ever having to know or enter manually the password for your connection. Not an ideal situation if you dont want your Facebook friends to obtain this information.

In order to turn off this feature you will need to navigated to ‘Settings’ and select the option for ‘Network and Internet -> Wi-Fi -> Manage Wi-Fi Settings’ and uncheck the option to share your network(s) with contacts, Skype and Facebook contacts/friends.

A nice feature which has security risks that shouldn’t be enabled by default in a world where nearly all of our information is trying to get out to the public domain.

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